Who Is The Greatest Of All-time?

We all have these discussions with our friends/Family… who is the greatest sports star of all-time?  I am not going to just give you one I am going to give you my top nine candidates, and give you my opinion.  Number one Michael Jordan, number two Babe Ruth, number three Hank Aaron, number four Michael Phelps, number five Muhammad Ali, number six Pele, number seven Roger Federer, eight Lebron James, nine Wayne Gretzky.  These are my top choices for the greatest sports players of all-time.  They all have proven themselves worthy of earning this title of (Greatest player of all-time), by winning multiple championships and many awards, and last making unforgettable plays that the public will never forget.  This is why I think these players deserve this title.

If you would like choose a few players that you think deserve the title of the (Greatest Player Of All-Time) I have given you a list of great players below to choose from, after you are done selecting leave them in a comment below.  I will evaluate them and reply to you personally on what I think about your picks.


List of players

Michael Jordan

Babe Ruth

Lebron James


Hank Aaron

Muhammad Ali

Wilt Chamberlain

Diego Maradona

Serena Williams

Christiano Ronaldo

Rickey Henderson

Kareem Abdul Jabbar

Magic Johnson

Nolan Ryan

Tiger Woods

Kobe Bryant

Maurice Richard

Tom Brady

John Elway

Reggie White

Mike Tyson

Brett Favre

Barry Sanders

Michael Phelps

Deion Sanders

Joe Montana

Pete Rose

Roger Federer

Ty Cobb

Barry Bonds

Lawrence Taylor

Ted Williams

Jerry Rice

Jackie Robinson

Willie Mays

Jim Thorpe

Wayne Gretzky

Lionel Messi





14 thoughts on “Who Is The Greatest Of All-time?”

  1. In my opinion, you left out the greatest athlete of all time, the one many call the GOAT: Roger Federer!

    First, lets think about the sport of tennis. In singles tennis, it’s one player vs. one player. It’s not one team vs. another team where substitutions are made if a player gets tired or injured. The match can go on for hours without an intermission or a half-time break to rest, re-hydrate, and regroup. The only option for that is at the crossovers which are brief. The longest professional tennis match was 5 years ago at Wimbledon between Nick Mahut and John Isner which lasted over 11 hours. Although this was very unusual, many matches can go on for 4-5 hours with continuous intense competition between the top players. Sometimes they need to play with extreme heat and even with injuries….remember….no substitutions.

    Roger Federer has dominated men’s singles tennis like no other player in the history of the sport. To date he has won 99 ATP singles titles, including a record 20 Grand Slam singles titles, 27 ATP Masters 1000 titles, and a record 6 ATP finals. When he doesn’t win, he usually finishes near the top, and is always a threat. At age 37, he has been a tennis pro for over 20 years and has won over $120.5 million in prize money. Also, he is the epitome of what a role model athlete should be. His performance both on and off the court has been exemplary. He is modest in wining, and always gracious in losing. This man should be at the top of your “greatest list”!!!

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      1. Yes I did, but 7th Avner? I still think he should be #1 when you consider the whole picture. You should watch some of his greatest plays on you-tube. And hitting a tennis ball at 100 mph with enough topspin to bring it down just inside the baseline, all while running full speed, takes no less skill than drilling a basketball from center court. And what about “class”? Not all the people on your list are good role models. Doesn’t that count? I’ll stick with Roger as #1!

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  2. Our opinions are based on our prospective, and at this point, our prospective is very different. I guess we’ll just have to agree to disagree:-)


  3. Phelps all the way. 23 gold medals and 28 overall medals. That would be like if MJ won 13 championships, or if Tiger won 30 masters. I think to be the GOAT, you have to be so far and above the rest. The only others i would consider would be Gretzky, in that he reinvented the sport. Nobody was close to the great one. Perhaps Pele, though again, the difference between Pele and maradona is not as large as the difference between Phelps and the next best. The other guy said Federrer….sure he is good….but he is NOT massively better than sampras….just a bit better…. The margin between phelps and the next best swimmer or next best olympian is just so large. the guy is a legend. i think he might be super human.

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  4. Babe Ruth, Muhammad Ali and Pele- each of them transcended the sport in which they were the greatest and were known worldwide in their time – The Babe, Ali and Pele-

    Bruce belsky

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