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Top 3 Teams That Have the Highest Odds of Winning the Super Bowl

As you know that this COVID 19 pandemic has denied us the sports we love and live for, but that does not mean we can’t still have fun with “Off-season stuff”

Today I will select the top 3 teams out of the NFL that in my professional opinion will have the highest odds making it deep in the playoffs and potentially being the next Super Bowl champions. 

My number one is the Kansas City Chiefs. A lot of you probably saw this one coming, but think about it, it wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t put last years Super Bowl champions down and with the amount of youth and talent that they have I definitely would not be surprised if they won back to back Super Bowl titles. They have Patrick Mahomes who in my book currently is the best Quarter Back in the NFL right now, they have the “Speed Demon” Tyreek Hill who literally not even Usain Bolt could keep up with, they have their big man Tight End Travis Kelce who is basically a foot taller than any defensive player who tries to guard him, and they have Damien Williams who is Kareem Hunt, a lot of people are taking for granted his greatness. This is a pretty packed team, so watch out NFL these Chiefs are ready to rumble.

The second team on this list is the Baltimore Ravens. You all probably know Lamar Jackson had one of the most magical seasons in NFL history. Ravens fans were disappointed when they were defeated very early in the 2019 playoffs. Their Captain, their savior, and literally their only hope Lamar Jackson was inexperienced and young. This year I think he is going to have what it takes to go deep in the playoffs and have a chance at that Lombardi Trophy. Let me introduce or reintroduce their star players to you. First, on the list, you all have to know, Lamar Jackson who is their starting Quarter Back. He is the definition of fast, quick, and in a hurry. Lamar is one of the most successful and driven mobile Quarter Backs in the NFL! Second, we have their star Wide Receiver, some call him “Hollywood Brown”, please welcome Marquise Brown. Third, we have the older but still shifty Mark Ingram III. I would not be surprised by this team’s ability to find the red zone and their quick way of making acumen decisions.

The third and final team on this list, are the New Orlean Saints. This is a very sustainable and well-known team, and they are known for getting the job done and winning. They have an incredibly young and talented team, with the exception of Drew Brees, but his raw talent makes up for his age. The Saints are known for getting mid or deep into the playoffs, but not usually winning the whole thing. I think that all might just change this year. Let me show you their star players and why I believe they are Super Bowl material. First, let me introduce you to the all mighty accurate throw making and clutch Quarter Back Drew Brees. he as you know is getting older, but just like Tom Brady, it does not seem to be affecting him as much. Hey, he should take what he should get, but seriously he is one of the most talented players in the NFL all jokes aside. Second, let me introduce you to the ankle breaker himself Alvin Kamara, who is the starting Running Back for the Saints. Third, let me introduce you to Mr. “Throw anything within 15 yards of him and he catches it”, Michael Thomas who is the starting and primary Wide Receiver target. I have to say after looking at their depth chart I realized this team is very special for a couple of reasons. 

First, all of their starters are incredibly talented. Second, their backups are basically just as good. For example, Jamies Winston is their back up Quarter Back, Latavius Murray is their back up Running Back, and Taysom Hill is their back up Wide Receiver and back up back up Quarterback. Third, they have a player who can play three positions Taysom Hill. He can play Tight End, Wide Receiver, and Quarterback. Now that’s rare! This team is really special and filled with talent and so much potential. This team might just win it all.

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