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NBA’s Top Two Prospects Zion Williams and R.J. Barrett are bringing up concerns

Zion Williams was the number one draft pick of the 2019 NBA draft.  Duke and everybody else said that he is going to tear up the league and be the number one player.  People said that Zion Williams is going to be the next Anthony Davis.  Zion Williams has not fully proven that he is ready for the NBA level.  He does not have great sportsmanship, in the 2019 NBA summer league he did no damage and was really no help to the Pelicans, and frankly, I don’t know if Zion can do well under pressure.  Another thing Zion has recurring injuries that happen frequently.  He got hurt a lot when he was at Duke.  For example when he was in college Zion rolled his ankle and was out for four weeks, another time when Zion was in college his shoe exploded and hurt himself and was out for almost a month, and in the 2019 NBA summer league the second half of his first game he collided knees with one of the Knicks players, the Knicks player got up and played the rest of the game and Zion had all of the team doctors on the court see if he was okay and now he is not playing the rest of the summer league.  If Zion got stung by a bee he would be out the whole season.  Zion Williams might be the next Anthony Davis or he could be another one of those overrated players that get left in the dust.  If it’s your turn in your next fantasy basketball draft and Zion comes around I would be very cautious, because he is going to get hurt a lot next season.  Keep all of this information on your radar.

R.J. Barrett was the third pick of the 2019 NBA draft.  A lot of articles and videos have come out saying should we be worried about R.J. Barrett?  I think just like Zion, this kid has just as much of a chance as being the next superstar as he does.  But R.J. Barrett this 2019 NBA summer league has been a wreck for him.  R.J. is 3-15 from the field and 1-8 from three-point range.  He also has four fouls and eight turnovers in two games.  As you can see I think R.J. is under a lot of pressure and stress.  Technically R.J. Barrett is the hope the new face of the Knicks and that is a lot of pressure to put on a kid straight out of college and still finding his way around the NBA.  Until the Knicks find a sustainable reliable veteran to keep the team going until R.J. Barrett is ready the Knicks are going to be a mess and R.J. Barrett is going to be a mess.  One of the Knicks scouts reported to the Knicks that they see R.J. as overconfident.  That can be a good thing and a bad thing.  It is a good thing because it gives you that extra push and mindset that you can do anything.  But in this case, it is a bad thing when you’re drafted by the worst team in the NBA and your the only player on that team that knows how to play basketball.  Later in this season when the Knicks record is so bad and R.J. feels lost all of that confidence goes away.  When the Knicks lose R.J. the Knicks will 100% lose the league.  So if R.J. comes up in your draft I would be a bit hesitant.

Now, this is an even bigger concern, if our top two prospects are completely failing that means the scouts are doing something wrong.  A lot of the scouts today go by we should draft the tallest and strongest guy, no you should never do that you want to draft the most talented guy.  Talent is not defined if your tall and strong, it can play a role.  It is defined by your vision for the court, fast decision making, and making big plays when your team needs them.  That is what scouts need to go by.