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Fantasy Football Kickers


My top two choices for kickers on your 2017 football fantasy drafts, would be Justin Tucker and Stephen Gostkowski, and heres why.  Justin Tucker is my number one pick by a little bit.  Tucker has been number one for quite some time.  He is a miracle, he has a very bad offense he has managed to stay at the top.  Here are his stats from last season, he played 16 out of the 16 games of the season, he had 38 fg and made 10 50+ yard fg, and had 141 fantasy points.  He is a healthy kicker to go with.


Stephen Gostkowski has has been at the top for awhile, just as Justin Tucker.  But gostkowski has the top offense instead of the worst.  So Gostkowski gets less points in a game.  These are Gostkowski’s 2016 stats from last season.  He played 16 out of the 16 games in the season,made 27 fg and 3 50+ field goals, and got 127 fantasy points.

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