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Interview with Soccer in the Streets Executive Director Mr. Phil Hill!

I recently did an interview with the Executive Director of Soccer in the Streets. Soccer in the Streets is a non-profit organization that provides better access to quality soccer programs and making youth ready for employment when the time comes. They just out my interview on there press coverage section of their website, and I thought I would share it with you! Hope you Enjoy!

Interview with Mr. Phil Hill

Look out for my upcoming Podcasts?

Look out for my upcoming podcast! Here are the release dates…

Wednesday June 17th – Interview with special guest (Will be posted anywhere between 1pm and 4pm)

Thursday June 18th – Interview with special guest (Will be posted anywhere between 11am and 2pm)

Friday June 19th – Interview with special guest (Will be posted anywhere between 11am and 3pm)

Monday June 22nd – Interview with special guest (Will be posted anywhere between 1pm and 4pm)

Trust me these are all very high profiled and interesting guest, so you don’t want to miss out on what these experts have to offer! Make sure you check click on this link to listen to all of these special guest on these dates!

What is the MLB’s plan to open back up?

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I have a Podcast Now!

Hey all,

I hope you are all doing well and staying safe. I just wanted to inform you that I now have a sports Podcast, called Avner’s sports throw down. You can find it on Spotify and Anchor the Podcast maker. It soon will also be in Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, and others. Thank you so much. Please check out my Podcast on Spotify or Anchor under Avner’s sports throw down! Please press follow when you here my Podcast!

Fantasy Prospects wants you to stay safe!

Do the players of the MLB play baseball for the cash, or for the love of the game?

As you probably know Coronavirus has made the MLB postpone its 2020 season until further notice. We have seen a glimpse of hope from commissioner Rob Manfred in resuming the 2020 MLB season. In order to bring back the great game of baseball on very small change was going to have to be made… Pay cut’s for players.

A number of different players have come out and said, “it is unacceptable to have pay cuts, are professionally trained athletes.” Says Blake Snell and Bryce Harper. I mean think about that for a second. I can feel for both sides, but come on if you love the game you will maybe suffer from a loss in a few thousand dollars. Just deal with it.

I am starting to think that a number of MLB players don’t play the sport for the love of it, I’m starting to think that they are just in it for the cash. These MLB players have to reach and look outside of baseball. After 9/11 took place, America was devastated. You want to know what one of the key factors was in bringing America’s hope up, Baseball! That’s what we need during this time of grief and in this deadly Pandemic.

If you are greedy and selfish Bryce Harper and Blake Snell who are in it for the cash and nobody else. Ignore them. Let baseball take place once again, as soon as it is safe.

Will Tom Brady Walk Away from the Patriots?

Tom Brady was drafted as the New England Patriots 199th pick in the 6th round in 2000. Everyone thought he was too skinny and week to play football. Sure enough, Tom Brady proved them wrong, he proved everyone wrong. Tom Brady is the best quarterback in NFL history and there is no arguing over it. Tom Brady has been a lifetime Patriot, he has been playing for them for 20 years as of this year. Personally, I think Tom Brady should stay with the Patriots. To be honest he only has 2-3 years maximum left in him. I think he owes it to the city, to the fans, and to the organization to be a lifetime, Patriot. it would be really cool of him to start as a Patriot and follow him through all of his Superbowl wins and his Superbowl losses and finally to retire as Patriot.

Now, this is the first time in Tom Brady’s career where he has been a free agent, and this is big for him. It’s something completely new for Tom Brady and to be honest, I think he likes all of the attention he is getting from the media and from other NFL teams that are offering potential contracts. The Patriots have offered him a great deal of money, but I think Tom Brady is looking for a couple of things. First, he wants a big-money contract so that he has a big paycheck that he will be looking forward to at the end of a couple of seasons. Second, I think he wants to customize how many years he wants to play on the Patriots, not how many the Patriots organization wants or the fans just Tom Brady. Third, Tom Brady I think is looking for some equity in the Patriots. I think this is a key factor. If they make Tom Brady even an 8% owner of the Patriots it would be good for Tom Brady because he is a part-owner of the organization, but it is also a great marketing opportunity for the Patriots. The Patriots can have promotional nights staring Tom Brady, they can say the greatest player of all time is an owner of the Patriots, and there are so many other great marketing opportunities for the Patriots also.

In conclusion, I think Tom Brady will stay if the Patriots strike an appropriate deal that accommodates Tom Brady’s needs. I think if the Patriots offer Tom Brady a $72 million deal, with preferably two years but obviously like I said earlier he can customize the contract, and finally offer Tom Brady 8% equity/stake in the New England Patriots. If all of this is done there is a good chance he will stay.

Did the Astros get a Big enough Punishment?

It was confirmed on January 13th, 2020 that the Houston Astro’s have been stealing MLB teams stealing signs since 2017. That has been three years, that is way too long! One of the most common sounds that you would hear at a Houston Astros game would be a banging on a metal trash can. Nobody at knew what that meant besides the Houston Astros organization. The banging on the trash indicated that the opposing team was going to steal. The Astros would also use cameras to figure out what kind of pitch the opposing team was going to throw so the batter would know and it would increase his chances of a hit or getting contact. This is by far one of the worst cases of cheating in MLB history.

In my opinion, the MLB organization did not take this matter seriously enough. They fined the Astros $5 million dollar fine and where completely stript of four high draft picks. This might sound like a big loss, but if you compare it to the 1919 Black Sox scandal this Houston Astro’s punishment is nearly nothing. In 1919 multiple of the players on the Black Sox threw the world series for an outside bet for millions of dollars. The 1919 Black Sox were completely banned the following year from playing Major League Baseball. On top of that 8 of the Black Sox’s best players were thrown out of baseball for good. Such as Chick Gandil, Eddie Cicotte, Happy Felsch, Lefty Williams, Fred McMullin, Swede Risberg, Buck Weaver, Shoeless Joe Jackson. One of those players I do believe did not commit or take any part of this crime. His name is Shoeless Joe Jackson.

Back to the Astros. Now you can see how different the punishments where. You can also see how much more serious the Astros scenario with stealing other teams signs. In my opinion, I think they should have been fined $10 million, been stripped of their best 5-6 draft picks, strip the Astros of their world series title, and suspend the whole team for one MLB season. I would hope that the Astros would get the message that cheating is not tolerated in the MLB.


Will Jacob Degrom win a third consecutive Cy Young award?

Jacob Degrom is arguably one of the greatest pitchers of all-time. He so far has been a New York Met throughout his entire MLB career. For the past three years, Jacob Degrom has been averaging about 254 strikeouts per season, 2.49 ERA per season, and to cap it off an averaged WHIP of 1.00. Those are some of the best stats in MLB history, and that is why the MLB has picked him for the Cy Young award to years in a row.

Here are a few things that Jacob Degrom will have to commit to and achieve to have a chance of getting that third Cy Young award. First, Jacob Degrom will have to be able to achieve and maintain a 2.46 ERA throughout the course of the season. The league will be looking for something really spectacular this season from Jacob Degrom since they are looking this year for new talent. If Jacob Degrom wants a chance at tying the great Greg Maddux and Randy Johnson for four consecutive Cy Youngs in a row he will have to win two more.  If he wins the Cy Young this year he will be the first player in two decades to win three consecutive Cy Youngs. Getting back on topic. Second, Jacob Degrom will have to maintain a 0.89 – 0.91 WHIP. He really has to outperform in this category this year because this is arguably his strongest section when you look at statistics. So if he does well in this category there is a better chance of success in the long run. Third, he will at least have to have 257 Strikeouts to be a contender. There are a lot of pitchers out there who can make it anywhere from 180 – 200 strikeouts but it’s really the best of the best that can exceed that number and go for 215 – 260 strikeouts. Jacob Degrom really has to excel in these three categories especially. This is because he is on the New York Mets and, to be honest, they don’t win a lot and their offense is not that good, so they can’t score many runs which leads to a loss. Jacob Degrom and the Mets have not excelled in the win category. That is why I said he really has to do well in those categories.

If all goes well this season for Jacob Degrom, I really think he can win his third consecutive Cy Young. Good Luck to you Jacob Degrom and The New York Mets!


What Position Should You Take In The First Round In 2019?

My Recommendation for the first position that you should draft is a Running Back.  Here is why.  Running Backs provide consistent fantasy points and always get 10 or more touches per game.  Now you could go the wide receiver route but if you do you won’t be getting as many points overall in the season.  What I am about to say does not apply to auction drafts, but it does apply for a snake draft.  Let’s just say you get the last pick in your draft and your reaction is I am screwed.  I would prefer you to get a running back but in this case, if you get the last pick you will definitely be able to get a top tier wide receiver.  Such as Davante Adams, JuJu Smith-Schuster, DeAndre Hopkins, Michael Thomas, and Julio Jones.  These people will provide close to the same amount of fantasy points as wide receivers.  I bet another one of your questions is, when should I draft a Quarter Back, or how much should I pay for a QuarterBack?  Well for a snake draft you should try to wait until the 7-8th round.  But if you’re in a live auction draft you should pay about 7-12 fantasy dollars.  These are my small fantasy tips to you.