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It’s Time To Pick A Winner!

This first game of the NBA finals really shocked me.  I really thought the Warriors would pull this off because they are so used to this level of pressure, but now I am thinking it is time for the Warriors to pass their finals torch to the Raptors.  Now I think after seeing the Raptors play the way they did in game one, I really think they have a good chance at winning it all.  The Raptors star player Kawhi Leonard in the game had a 23 point game, with eight rebounds, five assists, and one steal.  That is a crazy good game, and he is up against one of the worlds greatest teams.  His teammates also had a good game, it’s not like the Cavaliers when they had Lebron and he carried the whole team to the finals this Raptors team has fill-in players that can play ball.  The Raptors are a way more scrappy team that wants to win it more than anyone else.  They want the ball more, they make plays when they need to be made, and they are not afraid of anyone.  Nothing is going to stand in their way.

If the Warriors can’t get Kevin Durant back for this game tonight the Warriors franchise will be over.  Kevin Durant is that once in a while special player that is tall, can dunk, can do an MJ floater, and a playmaker.  So if the Warriors don’t get him back tonight and they lose the Raptors will have the confidence and advantage to wrap up the finals.  When a team as good, scrappy, and as smart as the Raptors has the advantage of a series as important as this, the Warriors will get the message that they are screwed.



Game 1: Raptors win

Game 2: Raptors win

Game 3: Warriors win

Game 4: Warriors win

Game 5: Raptors win

Game 6: Raptors win

Game 7: N/A



NBA Finals!

This 2019 final is going to be a good one. It is the Toronto Raptors Vs. Golden State Warriors. After this finals appearance, the Warriors will have been to the Finals five straight years in a row. Their starting lineup is crazy. They have Stephen Curry, Draymond Green, Kevin Durant, Demarcus Cousins, and Klay Thompson. This strong, powerful, and feared team has come back to be named world champions once again. Now I am going to talk about the Toronto Raptors. They are a very strong team that has fought their way to here and deserve it. Toronto has not had any really recent finals appearance, but that does not mean that they can’t pull this one-off. Here are the Raptors starters. Kyle Lowry, Danny Green, Kawhi Leonard, Pascal Siakam, and Marc Gasol. This Toronto team is very scrappy and will not stop at anything to be world champs. I can relate this team to the 1989 Detroit Pistons world champs team. They played scrappy, dirty, and they wanted to win more than anyone else. This is how I think Toronto is going to play. Now let’s get down to the differences between these two teams. You probably know every single starter on the Warriors, and you probably only know two to three players on Toronto depending who you are. I think the Warriors are going to win for a couple of reasons. They have an NBA final streak and they probably have more confidence built up, they have knockdown shooters that can hit threes, twos, and that can dunk. You name it they have that player. The Warriors have way more experience and have more of a final winning team. The Warriors have a more difficult division that brings more challenge and prepares them for this moment, and Toronto has a hard division it’s just not as difficult as the Warriors division. I think the final score of the first game is going to be 112-118 Warriors win game one.


Game 1 of the NBA Finals: Thu, 5/30/19   9:00pm



Finally Atlanta United Got It Together

Atlanta United players Josef Martinez and Gonzalo Martinez have been collaborating to make brilliant goals and plays.  Atlanta United’s coach finally found the chemistry and plays to help his players get to know each other better. He also has an official game plan that, and the first thing on his list right now is winning.  They finally got it together!  Also Atlanta United just won the record for consecutive clean sheets in MLS history, their streak so far is five games without a goal scored against them. That is thanks to Michael Parkhurst, Barco, and Brad Guzan. Atlanta United is third in their division, with six wins 3 losses and they have 24 points.  Atlanta United is closing on second place behind Philadelphia.  If Atlanta United plays like they are now they have a chance to wind up where they were last year.

Cody Bellinger

If you have Cody Bellinger on your team you are very fortunate!   He is the hottest player in the MLB right now.  he has 7 Home runs, 19 RBI’s, 18 runs, and with all of that he is still keeping a 440. batting average.  He simply can’t just be stopped.  Here are my predictions on this new hot player.  At the end of the season he will end up with 36 Home runs, 87 RBI’s, 85 runs, and a 290-300 batting average.  If you do not have this player on your fantasy baseball team here is my advice, GET HIM!  He is everything you should look for.  He is young, fast, strong, does not have recent injury or pre-existing injuries, and most importantly knows how to play some ball.  I look forward to seeing how this young prospect will do the rest of the season.

It’s Looking Good For The Mets!

The Mets this season are 2-1.  Their first game they beat the Nationals 2-0, their second game they beat the Nationals 11-8, and they lost their third game to the Nationals 6-5.  I know what you are thinking.  The Nationals lost Bryce Harper and Daniel Murphy.  So what the Mets pitching has been outstanding so far, and their hitting is amazing, and they are getting the win and a win is a win.  The Mets next series is against the Miami Marlins and they are currently 2-2.  You also might be thinking oh they will probably do what they did last year and start out 10-1 and be bad the rest of the season and end up with what they did last year 77-85.  Well if the Mets stay healthy and keep performing the way they are now they might have a shot at winning their division or better world series, and join the 1969 team and the 1986 team and get a ring.  They will finally end the New York Mets baseball drought of 33 years.  Let’s Go Mets!

Chris Davis Is Done!

The 32-year-old Oriole had to have had the worst batting season in history.  Chris Davis in the 2018 season hit a 168. average, with 470 at bats, and only 16 homers in one season.  The year before that was similar.  Those consistent bad seasons and his age show that he is done, finished, does not deserve to be in the MLB anymore.  But almost all baseball players have this big problem… RETIRING.  This happened with David Wright the Met player.  He knew he had back problems and his age was effecting him and his performance, but he loved the game so much that he could not picture retiring.  Then finally he learned with a nasty back injury and was let go and forced to retire.  The Orioles made a stupid decision to sign Chris Davis for another five years after those two bad seasons that cost the Orioles their season.  Right now he is getting paid 17 million dollars to sit his but on the bench.  Because he is injured and can’t play the game of baseball anymore.  So I think Chris Davis should retire while he is still remembered as a great ball player.  Because if he plays until his contract expires he will be remembered as the player who ruined the Orioles for seven years.  So if I was I would retire in this time frame 2019-2021.



Will Atlanta United Be The Same?

The big question is will Atlanta United be the same without Tata Martino and Miguel Almiron?  So far they are out to a tough start, they are 10th in their conference and have not won a game yet.  My worry for Atlanta United is that they did not realize how important Miguel Almiron was to the team.  When Josef Martinez broke the MLS single season goal record that was a huge accomplishment, but Miguel Almiron helped assist about half of those goals.  So can they do it without him.  The other concern is without Tata Martino and his elite strategies to win a game, it is not looking good so far.  I think that this year Atlanta United will not be amazing like they were last year, but this year the team should make it all about getting used to the new players and coach so they can do better next year.

I have a very important question for you.  Who do you think gets more credit and glory, the person who makes the assist or the person who scores the goal?  Personally I think the person who scores the goal gets all the credit.  Why?  Here is my thinking, you add a point to your team in the game so you have a better chance of winning that game.  But lets brake it down.  It all starts from a couple of passes moving up the field, then someone has to have the vision to see the cross and actually cross the ball, and then the person who is shooting has the easiest job they just have to put the ball in the back of the net.  now all jobs are important but I think the person who has to have a vision for the play and they have to make the cross should deserve more credit.