Will Jacob Degrom win a third consecutive Cy Young award?

Jacob Degrom is arguably one of the greatest pitchers of all-time. He so far has been a New York Met throughout his entire MLB career. For the past three years, Jacob Degrom has been averaging about 254 strikeouts per season, 2.49 ERA per season, and to cap it off an averaged WHIP of 1.00. Those are some of the best stats in MLB history, and that is why the MLB has picked him for the Cy Young award to years in a row.

Here are a few things that Jacob Degrom will have to commit to and achieve to have a chance of getting that third Cy Young award. First, Jacob Degrom will have to be able to achieve and maintain a 2.46 ERA throughout the course of the season. The league will be looking for something really spectacular this season from Jacob Degrom since they are looking this year for new talent. If Jacob Degrom wants a chance at tying the great Greg Maddux and Randy Johnson for four consecutive Cy Youngs in a row he will have to win two more.  If he wins the Cy Young this year he will be the first player in two decades to win three consecutive Cy Youngs. Getting back on topic. Second, Jacob Degrom will have to maintain a 0.89 – 0.91 WHIP. He really has to outperform in this category this year because this is arguably his strongest section when you look at statistics. So if he does well in this category there is a better chance of success in the long run. Third, he will at least have to have 257 Strikeouts to be a contender. There are a lot of pitchers out there who can make it anywhere from 180 – 200 strikeouts but it’s really the best of the best that can exceed that number and go for 215 – 260 strikeouts. Jacob Degrom really has to excel in these three categories especially. This is because he is on the New York Mets and, to be honest, they don’t win a lot and their offense is not that good, so they can’t score many runs which leads to a loss. Jacob Degrom and the Mets have not excelled in the win category. That is why I said he really has to do well in those categories.

If all goes well this season for Jacob Degrom, I really think he can win his third consecutive Cy Young. Good Luck to you Jacob Degrom and The New York Mets!




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