Will Tom Brady Walk Away from the Patriots?

Tom Brady was drafted as the New England Patriots 199th pick in the 6th round in 2000. Everyone thought he was too skinny and week to play football. Sure enough, Tom Brady proved them wrong, he proved everyone wrong. Tom Brady is the best quarterback in NFL history and there is no arguing over it. Tom Brady has been a lifetime Patriot, he has been playing for them for 20 years as of this year. Personally, I think Tom Brady should stay with the Patriots. To be honest he only has 2-3 years maximum left in him. I think he owes it to the city, to the fans, and to the organization to be a lifetime, Patriot. it would be really cool of him to start as a Patriot and follow him through all of his Superbowl wins and his Superbowl losses and finally to retire as Patriot.

Now, this is the first time in Tom Brady’s career where he has been a free agent, and this is big for him. It’s something completely new for Tom Brady and to be honest, I think he likes all of the attention he is getting from the media and from other NFL teams that are offering potential contracts. The Patriots have offered him a great deal of money, but I think Tom Brady is looking for a couple of things. First, he wants a big-money contract so that he has a big paycheck that he will be looking forward to at the end of a couple of seasons. Second, I think he wants to customize how many years he wants to play on the Patriots, not how many the Patriots organization wants or the fans just Tom Brady. Third, Tom Brady I think is looking for some equity in the Patriots. I think this is a key factor. If they make Tom Brady even an 8% owner of the Patriots it would be good for Tom Brady because he is a part-owner of the organization, but it is also a great marketing opportunity for the Patriots. The Patriots can have promotional nights staring Tom Brady, they can say the greatest player of all time is an owner of the Patriots, and there are so many other great marketing opportunities for the Patriots also.

In conclusion, I think Tom Brady will stay if the Patriots strike an appropriate deal that accommodates Tom Brady’s needs. I think if the Patriots offer Tom Brady a $72 million deal, with preferably two years but obviously like I said earlier he can customize the contract, and finally offer Tom Brady 8% equity/stake in the New England Patriots. If all of this is done there is a good chance he will stay.



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