Underated Players

For a while I thought that Jose Abreu had a big name for a while and then slowed down.  But when you look at his previous season he has been amazing.  With projection that will set him high in the rankings you and your team will be very good.

  1. Jose Abreu projections-30hr 84runs 96rbi 2sb .297avg
  2. Madison Bumgarner I know he had the injury last season but they said that he would be okay for the 2018 mlb season. projections-13w 191k 3.56era 1.15whip
  3. Jon Lester is a great player.  He had a rough season in the 2017 season, know one know why.  But he is supposed to be great this season.  Here are his projections- 13w 178k 3.72era 1.24whip.
  4. My last player to suggest to you is Jake Arrieta.  He had a rough season last year as well as Jon Lester.  Here are his projection-12w 154k 3.84era 1.27whip.


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