Players to look to pick-up on your waiver wire MLB

Pitchers to pick-up:

  1. Cole Hamels he has 52 strikeouts, he only has one win this whole season but if you were to pick him up you would get him for strikeouts.  His ERA is 3.94 and his whip is 1.36.  He might be someone if he is available your league to pick him up.
  2. Another pitcher you might want to consider picking up is Mike Foltynewicz.  He has 43 strikeouts and is 2-2.  His ERA is 3.65 and his whip is 1.35.  Overall if you are to pick him up he would be a really good role player.
  3. My last suggestion for you for pitchers is Tanner Roark.  He has 41 strikeouts and his record is 2-3.  His ERA is 3.65 and his whip is 1.08.  He is usually a good strikeout guy and a does not bomb you with ERA or whip.


Hitters to pick-up:

  1. One of my recommendation for hitter to pick-up is Nomar Mazara.  Last year he was a stolen base guy this year he is in the top 10-12 people for most homers this year.  He has a really good average of a .294.
  2. My second recommendation to you is Eddie Rosario He has 7 homers and 4 stolen bases and 25 RBI’s his average is also pretty good .291.  He is definitely someone I would pick-up.
  3. My third and last recommendation for hitters is Corey Dickerson.  He has 5 homers and 3 stolen bases and a average of .323 and 26 RBI’s.  If you are looking to boost your average and have RBI’s then this is the guy for you.

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