Start Of Something New

All of you sports lovers out there know that the new MLB season is right around the corner.  Personally it is my job to give you stats projections and draft picks for this season.  Here are my top picks for you.

Top Players/Dollar Values

  1.  Mookie Betts (Age 26)  (POS:OF)  $39-45
  2. Mike Trout (Age 27)  (POS:OF)  $35-42
  3. Francisco Lindor (Age 25)  (POS:SS)  $33-40
  4. Nolan Arenado (Age 27)  (POS:3B)   $34-39
  5. Jose Altuve (Age 28)  (POS:2B)   $30-37
  6. Trevor Story (Age 26)  (POS:SS)   $25-30
  7. Chris Sale (Age 29)  (POS: SP)   $30-35
  8. Trea Turner (Age 25)  (POS:SS)  $27-32


                      Under Rated Player

  1. Juan Soto (Age  20)  (POS:OF)  $14-20
  2. Alex Bregman (Age 24)  (POS:3B/SS)  $13-20
  3. Gleyber Torres (Age 22)  (POS:2B/SS)  $12-14
  4. Gerrit Cole (Age 27)  (POS:SP)  $11-13
  5. Luis Severino (Age 25)  (POS:SP)  $14-22
  6. Marcell Ozuna (Age 28)  (POS:OF)  $10-14
  7. Starling Marte (Age 30)  (POS:OF)  $8-12
  8. Jean Segura (Age 29)  (POS:SS)  $7-11


Advice for your draft

If you are participating in a draft, draft wisely.  Don’t make bad drafting decisions, like drafting old players or people that were injured a long period of time last season.  Make smart decisions like drafting young players and talent that will make your team thrive this season.

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