Can The Mets Do It?

The Mets are coming off a couple straight seasons.  But with some of the moves that the Mets GM has made to get the Mets up and ready for the season, and the big two questions are can they do it? And can the they stay healthy?  Here are some of the signing that the Mets GM made.  They signed Jed Lowrie for a 2 year contract, Wilson Ramos for a 2 year contract, Robinson Cano for a 5 year contract, and Edwin Diaz for a 3 year contract.  These players are all really good, and I think the Mets are heading toward the right direction but most of these players are going to get a little older and have preexisting injuries that could potentially hurt the team and their record.  But they are going to have so many more saves because of Edwin Diaz, they are going to have so so so much more home runs because of Robinson Cano and Jed Lowrie, and if you think about it briefly you will say this is not important but it actually is, the Mets are going to be able to throw out so many more people because of Wilson Ramos fast throwing and spidey sense reflexes.  I think If the Mets stay healthy and really give it their all they have a shot at it.



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