Chris Davis Is Done!

The 32-year-old Oriole had to have had the worst batting season in history.  Chris Davis in the 2018 season hit a 168. average, with 470 at bats, and only 16 homers in one season.  The year before that was similar.  Those consistent bad seasons and his age show that he is done, finished, does not deserve to be in the MLB anymore.  But almost all baseball players have this big problem… RETIRING.  This happened with David Wright the Met player.  He knew he had back problems and his age was effecting him and his performance, but he loved the game so much that he could not picture retiring.  Then finally he learned with a nasty back injury and was let go and forced to retire.  The Orioles made a stupid decision to sign Chris Davis for another five years after those two bad seasons that cost the Orioles their season.  Right now he is getting paid 17 million dollars to sit his but on the bench.  Because he is injured and can’t play the game of baseball anymore.  So I think Chris Davis should retire while he is still remembered as a great ball player.  Because if he plays until his contract expires he will be remembered as the player who ruined the Orioles for seven years.  So if I was I would retire in this time frame 2019-2021.



One thought on “Chris Davis Is Done!”

  1. Players never seem to know when to retire. Very few do. Even the best stay on and wear our their welcome. Michael Jordan un-retired and played for the Wizards which was sad. Babe Ruth was old and out of shape in his last years. It happens to even the best. With Chris Davis, as you point out, he is not even among the best. He was a power hitter, who was very one-dimensional, and the Orioles invested way too much money into him as you mention. As a mets Fan this has been my life:) – the mets love paying old players too much money as they are aging and falling apart. So, Chris Davis….when you are eventually too old to even brush your teeth, call up the Mets….they will give you some sort of deal.

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