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Did the Astros get a Big enough Punishment?

It was confirmed on January 13th, 2020 that the Houston Astro’s have been stealing MLB teams stealing signs since 2017. That has been three years, that is way too long! One of the most common sounds that you would hear at a Houston Astros game would be a banging on a metal trash can. Nobody at knew what that meant besides the Houston Astros organization. The banging on the trash indicated that the opposing team was going to steal. The Astros would also use cameras to figure out what kind of pitch the opposing team was going to throw so the batter would know and it would increase his chances of a hit or getting contact. This is by far one of the worst cases of cheating in MLB history.

In my opinion, the MLB organization did not take this matter seriously enough. They fined the Astros $5 million dollar fine and where completely stript of four high draft picks. This might sound like a big loss, but if you compare it to the 1919 Black Sox scandal this Houston Astro’s punishment is nearly nothing. In 1919 multiple of the players on the Black Sox threw the world series for an outside bet for millions of dollars. The 1919 Black Sox were completely banned the following year from playing Major League Baseball. On top of that 8 of the Black Sox’s best players were thrown out of baseball for good. Such as Chick Gandil, Eddie Cicotte, Happy Felsch, Lefty Williams, Fred McMullin, Swede Risberg, Buck Weaver, Shoeless Joe Jackson. One of those players I do believe did not commit or take any part of this crime. His name is Shoeless Joe Jackson.

Back to the Astros. Now you can see how different the punishments where. You can also see how much more serious the Astros scenario with stealing other teams signs. In my opinion, I think they should have been fined $10 million, been stripped of their best 5-6 draft picks, strip the Astros of their world series title, and suspend the whole team for one MLB season. I would hope that the Astros would get the message that cheating is not tolerated in the MLB.


Why Pete Alonso is going to be the best player in the MLB in the next few years

Pete Alonso is the New York Mets starting first baseman.  He is by far the best offensive player on the Mets, and might even be the best player on the team.  We are only about halfway through the season maybe a little over and he has these crazy stats, and don’t forget he is a rookie!  Pete Alonso has 30 home runs, 69 RBI’s, 92 hits, and somehow still keeping a batting average of .275.  On top of that, he also won the whole home run derby, and he was against three and some four-year veterans.  But he still somehow managed to pull it off.  Sometimes there are these special players that enter a sport and you can tell from their first year that they are going to be a once in a decade time player.  In my opinion, Pete Alonso is that player.  He is almost exactly built like Mike Trout.  Pete Alonso is strong, big, makes big plays when you need them, and fast.  Mike Trout has all of those abilities too.  the crazy thing is though he is a rookie and already this good.  For some people the game of baseball means making millions of dollars and then retiring, but for Pete Alonso it is life.  For proof you can see in the way he swings his bat and cares so much about the games.  So what can we expect from Pete Alonso in the years to come?

How can this get more pathetic? The two worst teams in their division are fighting for second to last place.

The New York Mets and the Miami Marlins are the two worst teams in their division.  They are both desperately fighting for fourth place and nothing more.  Both teams can’t clinch the playoffs and their season means nothing to them now.  The New York Mets are 40 and 51 and currently in fourth place. The Miami Marlins are 34 and 55 and currently in fifth place.  If there is something that both teams have in common it’s that their owners, managers, and general managers are terrible.  They should not be able to own a team, coach a team, or make player contracts and sign new players.  My projection is for the next 3-4 years the New York Mets will be bad.  Their star pitcher Jacob Degrom his age is starting to catch up to him and the rest of the Mets team is old.  There only good prospect is Pete Alonso.  He is going to be the next Mike Trout.  He is fast, has a powerful swing, and a great batting average.  But frankly, the Mets don’t deserve Jacob Degrom or Pete Alonso.  The Miami Marlins will be good in 2-4 years because they still are a new team and adjusting their management. They are very close to finding the right chemistry.  But they will slowly start to get a little better over time.  Their star pitcher Caleb Smith has been one of the league leaders in the lowest ERA in the MLB this season and has been their ace for a couple of years.  But the difference between Jacob Degrom and Caleb Smith is that Caleb Smith is 4 years younger than Degrom and an ace at this age.  In my opinion, in about 4 years the Miami Marlins and New York Mets will become the Atlanta Braves and Washington Nationals of today.  How would you manage these teams and bring them up from dead?

Cody Bellinger

If you have Cody Bellinger on your team you are very fortunate!   He is the hottest player in the MLB right now.  he has 7 Home runs, 19 RBI’s, 18 runs, and with all of that he is still keeping a 440. batting average.  He simply can’t just be stopped.  Here are my predictions on this new hot player.  At the end of the season he will end up with 36 Home runs, 87 RBI’s, 85 runs, and a 290-300 batting average.  If you do not have this player on your fantasy baseball team here is my advice, GET HIM!  He is everything you should look for.  He is young, fast, strong, does not have recent injury or pre-existing injuries, and most importantly knows how to play some ball.  I look forward to seeing how this young prospect will do the rest of the season.

It’s Looking Good For The Mets!

The Mets this season are 2-1.  Their first game they beat the Nationals 2-0, their second game they beat the Nationals 11-8, and they lost their third game to the Nationals 6-5.  I know what you are thinking.  The Nationals lost Bryce Harper and Daniel Murphy.  So what the Mets pitching has been outstanding so far, and their hitting is amazing, and they are getting the win and a win is a win.  The Mets next series is against the Miami Marlins and they are currently 2-2.  You also might be thinking oh they will probably do what they did last year and start out 10-1 and be bad the rest of the season and end up with what they did last year 77-85.  Well if the Mets stay healthy and keep performing the way they are now they might have a shot at winning their division or better world series, and join the 1969 team and the 1986 team and get a ring.  They will finally end the New York Mets baseball drought of 33 years.  Let’s Go Mets!

Chris Davis Is Done!

The 32-year-old Oriole had to have had the worst batting season in history.  Chris Davis in the 2018 season hit a 168. average, with 470 at bats, and only 16 homers in one season.  The year before that was similar.  Those consistent bad seasons and his age show that he is done, finished, does not deserve to be in the MLB anymore.  But almost all baseball players have this big problem… RETIRING.  This happened with David Wright the Met player.  He knew he had back problems and his age was effecting him and his performance, but he loved the game so much that he could not picture retiring.  Then finally he learned with a nasty back injury and was let go and forced to retire.  The Orioles made a stupid decision to sign Chris Davis for another five years after those two bad seasons that cost the Orioles their season.  Right now he is getting paid 17 million dollars to sit his but on the bench.  Because he is injured and can’t play the game of baseball anymore.  So I think Chris Davis should retire while he is still remembered as a great ball player.  Because if he plays until his contract expires he will be remembered as the player who ruined the Orioles for seven years.  So if I was I would retire in this time frame 2019-2021.