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Cody Bellinger

If you have Cody Bellinger on your team you are very fortunate!   He is the hottest player in the MLB right now.  he has 7 Home runs, 19 RBI’s, 18 runs, and with all of that he is still keeping a 440. batting average.  He simply can’t just be stopped.  Here are my predictions on this new hot player.  At the end of the season he will end up with 36 Home runs, 87 RBI’s, 85 runs, and a 290-300 batting average.  If you do not have this player on your fantasy baseball team here is my advice, GET HIM!  He is everything you should look for.  He is young, fast, strong, does not have recent injury or pre-existing injuries, and most importantly knows how to play some ball.  I look forward to seeing how this young prospect will do the rest of the season.