Jordan Howard Is Underrated

Jordan Howard in 2018 shared his running back role with Tarik Cohen, but still had a pretty good year.  Jordan Howard in 2018 had 935 rushing yards and 9 Touchdowns.  But this year is going to be different.  Jordan Howard has been traded to the Philadelphia Eagles and his role this year is the starting back for the Eagles.  But everyone is saying that his stats from last year don’t reflect well on him.  But if you dive deep you will see that he was sharing his role with another player, so actually those are really good stats for sharing his role with somebody else.  Here are my predictions for Jordan Howard in the new 2019 NFL season. 900-1,000 yards and 7-10 touchdowns.  Jordan Howard is your man if your looking for someone who is going to have steady stats and a person who you can get cheap or in a late round depending on your draft.  If you have a chance to draft this guy you should get hm.

Snake draft what round should I get Jordan Howard in:  8-12th round

Auction draft How much should I pay for Jordan Howard: $7-12

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