Baseball Fantasy Rookies to get on your fantasy roster.

There are a lot of fantasy baseball rookies out there.  Some of them have potential some of them were bust and some are great.  I am going to tell you about the rookies with potential.  One of the my number one rookie picks would be Shohei Ohtani.  He has had amazing stats in high school and collage.  You get a real benefit from him because in fantasy he is a pitcher and a designated hitter, so that means he will be getting you a ton of fantasy points.  Here are his projections for 2018.  He is supposed to be 10-6 165k 3.48ERA and and 1.24WHIP.  If he stays healthy and good shape, he should be a star.

My second rookie I am going to show you guys was drafted by the braves.  By you thinking in the first second you are reading this you are like the braves a bad except for Freddie freeman.  That one star should have another buddy, Ronald Acuna.  He was great in collage great in high school, and is supposed to be a star in the majors.  He has proved time and time again that he worthy of being in the majors and wants to show everyone that he is the next big thing.  He is fast as lighting maybe in a couple of years the next Billy Hamilton and has a crazy hard.  I am not going to lie his projected average is .253, but still consider him because he is going to make your team shine.  He is amazing I know I am going to pick him for my team in my draft.  Now I am going to tell you about his projections for 2018.  As I said earlier his average is a little rough .253 average is not the best but a lot of rookies have that kind of average their first year so do not get two worried.  He is projected 15 Homers and 30 Stolen bases.  I know in most of your drafts Billy Hamilton or Dee Gordon will go early in your draft but this guy will be a very good person for stolen bases.  He will be a starting OF for the Atlanta braves.  He is a future star!

My third choice of a rookie to suggest to you is Gleyber Torres.  He will be fighting for the Short stop position.  But he has a great chance at getting the slot.  Gleyber Torres he is a really great player he has speed of a chetah the ability to hit the ball.  Overall he is a really good player.  But he has some rough edges to him.  His projection say he is really good in stolen bases and pretty good in homers but he is a little rough around the edges in RBIs and average and runs.  His projected amount of RBIs  are 65, and his projected average is .245 but he could overcome that those are just projections, and his projected runs are 61.  Let me tell you about the good projections so you can consider him for your roster.  Gleyber Torres is supposed to have 16 Stolen bases and supposed to have 19 homers.  I have been told that in the darkest moments of things there is always light, and there is the light with the Stolen bases and the homers.  I am definitely going to have this guy on my team.

Thank you for listening to what I have to say about fantasy.  If you like this article leave a comment and like it please.  Than you can here more fantasy action.

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