3 Ways To Drafting A Successful Fantasy Team

Here are the top 3 ways for drafting a successful team in any fantasy league.  Number one always draft players that have been healthy the pre-existing year.  So you have a lower chance of getting a injured player and have a healthy team.  Number two draft a balanced team do not have to many scrubs or else your team will fall apart.  If you are just relying on your stars and one of them gets injured what are you going to do.  So make sure you draft a balanced team.  I am not saying do not pick stars, pick a couple of stars but also some medium players to balance your team out.  Number 3 really prepare for your draft and look up sleepers who projected bust are going to be and who is currently injured who is injured and supposed to come back and have great year and role players.  Those are the ways to building a successful fantasy team.

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