What Time is it? Its Super bowl Time!

Game: New England Patriots vs. Los Angles Rams  Winner: Patriots

Location: Atlanta, GA

Game Time Weather: (Controlled environment)

Type Of Stadium: (Indoor Stadium)

Projected MVP: Tom Brady

Why The Patriots Will Win:  The Rams are a great team, and they really had something special going this season.  But has the young Rams been against the experienced Patriots?  As I have said in previous articles Tom Brady has a playoff mode, and nothing gets in the way of Tom Brady.  To bring up another good point, the Saints would have one if the refs called the pass interference on the Rams defense.  What I am trying to say is that the Rams got lucky and the Patriots didn’t get lucky, the Patriots won fair and square.  The Patriots won the game against the Chiefs, but not by a bad call like the Rams got lucky on.  The Rams have no chance!


If you wan’t more on the Superbowl click on this link


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