What Position Should You Take In The First Round In 2019?

My Recommendation for the first position that you should draft is a Running Back.  Here is why.  Running Backs provide consistent fantasy points and always get 10 or more touches per game.  Now you could go the wide receiver route but if you do you won’t be getting as many points overall in the season.  What I am about to say does not apply to auction drafts, but it does apply for a snake draft.  Let’s just say you get the last pick in your draft and your reaction is I am screwed.  I would prefer you to get a running back but in this case, if you get the last pick you will definitely be able to get a top tier wide receiver.  Such as Davante Adams, JuJu Smith-Schuster, DeAndre Hopkins, Michael Thomas, and Julio Jones.  These people will provide close to the same amount of fantasy points as wide receivers.  I bet another one of your questions is, when should I draft a Quarter Back, or how much should I pay for a QuarterBack?  Well for a snake draft you should try to wait until the 7-8th round.  But if you’re in a live auction draft you should pay about 7-12 fantasy dollars.  These are my small fantasy tips to you.


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