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Oklahoma City Thunder vs. Portland Trail Blazers

First of all I am sorry that this is a short article but I think if you are looking for a good game to turn on tonight, than this is the game for you.  This game will be a real nail biter.  But in the end the Thunder will win.  Because of these main reason.  Number one, the Thunder have better record in this hard division.  Number two the Thunder are in second place and the Trail Blazers are in fifth place.  The Thunder this season have proven that they will win this game.Screen Shot 2019-01-04 at 2.46.36 PM.png

Why Lebron James is the G.O.A.T. Of The NBA

Lebron James has played for three teams in the NBA.  His first team was the Cleveland Cavaliers and he played for them for seven years, after that he went to the Miami Heat and played for them for four years, then went back to Cleveland for four years, and finally started new in LA and currently playing for the Los Angles Lakers.  Now you see these teams have had some really good moments in history, for example the Lakers had a all-star player Kobe Bryant, and Cleveland had a pretty well-known player named Mark Price.  You see Lebron James has made these teams champions and who they are.  Look at the Cavaliers, as soon as Lebron James left they started loosing badly right now they are last in their division and their record is (8-29).  I hate to say it but the Cavaliers are nothing without Lebron James.  If you are still not convinced take a look at his exceptional career.  Lebron James has been to nine NBA finals and won six out of those nine, and he has won three finals MVP awards, and making 14 all-star game appearances.  If you want to have a look at his stats and the article on why he is the greatest of all-time click on the links below.

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NFL Wildcard Projections/Stats!

Screen Shot 2019-01-01 at 5.36.10 PM.png

AFC: Texans (11-5) vs. Colts (10-6) – Winner of game: Texans

Why they will win: The Colts have won their past few games, and have been on a hot streak of 4 games.  But overall on offense and defense if you add them together the Texans are slightly better, also the Texans have proven themselves this season with a 11-5 record and it is on their home turf.  What better of a chance does this Texans team have of winning this game?

Location: (At Texas)   

Weather: (Controlled environment) 

Type of stadium: Indoors

projected MVP of the game: Deandre Hopkins


AFC: Chargers (12-4) vs. Ravens (10-6) – Winner of game: Chargers

Why they will win: The Ravens have had a good year, but they are in a pretty easy division and the Chargers are more used to more tough teams.  

Location: (At Baltimore)       

Weather: (Expected to be sunny/clear and 50 degrees)

Type of stadium: Outdoors

projected MVP of the game: Melvin Gordon



NFC: Seahawks (10-6) vs. Cowboys (10-6) – Winner of game: Cowboys

Why they will win: It was a tough choice but Dallas has been really hot lately and they have a few outstanding players that will carry their team this game.

Location: (At Dallas)   

Weather: (Controlled environment)

Type of stadium: Indoors

projected MVP of the game: Ezekiel Elliot


NFC: Eagles (9-7) vs. Bears (12-4) -Winner of game: Bears 

Why they will win: The Eagles have not had the best season and the bears this season have demonstrated that they can preform well and play well when it matters the most.

Location: (At Chicago) 

Weather: (Expected to be partly cloudy and 39 degrees)  

Type of stadium: Outdoors

projected MVP of the game: Mitch Trubisky


Start Of Something New

All of you sports lovers out there know that the new MLB season is right around the corner.  Personally it is my job to give you stats projections and draft picks for this season.  Here are my top picks for you.

Top Players/Dollar Values

  1.  Mookie Betts (Age 26)  (POS:OF)  $39-45
  2. Mike Trout (Age 27)  (POS:OF)  $35-42
  3. Francisco Lindor (Age 25)  (POS:SS)  $33-40
  4. Nolan Arenado (Age 27)  (POS:3B)   $34-39
  5. Jose Altuve (Age 28)  (POS:2B)   $30-37
  6. Trevor Story (Age 26)  (POS:SS)   $25-30
  7. Chris Sale (Age 29)  (POS: SP)   $30-35
  8. Trea Turner (Age 25)  (POS:SS)  $27-32


                      Under Rated Player

  1. Juan Soto (Age  20)  (POS:OF)  $14-20
  2. Alex Bregman (Age 24)  (POS:3B/SS)  $13-20
  3. Gleyber Torres (Age 22)  (POS:2B/SS)  $12-14
  4. Gerrit Cole (Age 27)  (POS:SP)  $11-13
  5. Luis Severino (Age 25)  (POS:SP)  $14-22
  6. Marcell Ozuna (Age 28)  (POS:OF)  $10-14
  7. Starling Marte (Age 30)  (POS:OF)  $8-12
  8. Jean Segura (Age 29)  (POS:SS)  $7-11


Advice for your draft

If you are participating in a draft, draft wisely.  Don’t make bad drafting decisions, like drafting old players or people that were injured a long period of time last season.  Make smart decisions like drafting young players and talent that will make your team thrive this season.

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Unpredictable MLB Star

Ozzie Albies is having an extremely impressive season.  Albies is tied for number one for most home runs in the season so far.  He also has five stolen bases this season and his main strength is power hitting.  He has 31 RBI’s and 37 runs.  This guy is only 21 years old and producing those stats.  That is crazy at that age and those stats.  I am wowed by him.  If he is available in your league you must pick him up or make a trade for him he is so dominate.  He is one of my favorite players on my fantasy team.

Players to look to pick-up on your waiver wire MLB

Pitchers to pick-up:

  1. Cole Hamels he has 52 strikeouts, he only has one win this whole season but if you were to pick him up you would get him for strikeouts.  His ERA is 3.94 and his whip is 1.36.  He might be someone if he is available your league to pick him up.
  2. Another pitcher you might want to consider picking up is Mike Foltynewicz.  He has 43 strikeouts and is 2-2.  His ERA is 3.65 and his whip is 1.35.  Overall if you are to pick him up he would be a really good role player.
  3. My last suggestion for you for pitchers is Tanner Roark.  He has 41 strikeouts and his record is 2-3.  His ERA is 3.65 and his whip is 1.08.  He is usually a good strikeout guy and a does not bomb you with ERA or whip.


Hitters to pick-up:

  1. One of my recommendation for hitter to pick-up is Nomar Mazara.  Last year he was a stolen base guy this year he is in the top 10-12 people for most homers this year.  He has a really good average of a .294.
  2. My second recommendation to you is Eddie Rosario He has 7 homers and 4 stolen bases and 25 RBI’s his average is also pretty good .291.  He is definitely someone I would pick-up.
  3. My third and last recommendation for hitters is Corey Dickerson.  He has 5 homers and 3 stolen bases and a average of .323 and 26 RBI’s.  If you are looking to boost your average and have RBI’s then this is the guy for you.

This Year Is Different?

This year is different for baseball.  Because the best players are not shining and the medium players are having a good start to the season.  For example I do not know about your leagues but Gerrit Cole is the number one pitcher in my league.  Nolan Arenado is supposed to start out with crazy stats but he has not yet.  Just keep in mind that things are going to be different this year.


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Underated Players

For a while I thought that Jose Abreu had a big name for a while and then slowed down.  But when you look at his previous season he has been amazing.  With projection that will set him high in the rankings you and your team will be very good.

  1. Jose Abreu projections-30hr 84runs 96rbi 2sb .297avg
  2. Madison Bumgarner I know he had the injury last season but they said that he would be okay for the 2018 mlb season. projections-13w 191k 3.56era 1.15whip
  3. Jon Lester is a great player.  He had a rough season in the 2017 season, know one know why.  But he is supposed to be great this season.  Here are his projections- 13w 178k 3.72era 1.24whip.
  4. My last player to suggest to you is Jake Arrieta.  He had a rough season last year as well as Jon Lester.  Here are his projection-12w 154k 3.84era 1.27whip.


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3 Ways To Drafting A Successful Fantasy Team

Here are the top 3 ways for drafting a successful team in any fantasy league.  Number one always draft players that have been healthy the pre-existing year.  So you have a lower chance of getting a injured player and have a healthy team.  Number two draft a balanced team do not have to many scrubs or else your team will fall apart.  If you are just relying on your stars and one of them gets injured what are you going to do.  So make sure you draft a balanced team.  I am not saying do not pick stars, pick a couple of stars but also some medium players to balance your team out.  Number 3 really prepare for your draft and look up sleepers who projected bust are going to be and who is currently injured who is injured and supposed to come back and have great year and role players.  Those are the ways to building a successful fantasy team.

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