Tom Brady Has To Be The Goat Now

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After this super bowl 53, this has to make Tom Brady the G.O.A.T.

“Brady a once in a life time player, you will never see anyone like him ever again.    He is truly a diamond in the rough.”

                     -Avner Belsky


What Time is it? Its Super bowl Time!

Game: New England Patriots vs. Los Angles Rams  Winner: Patriots

Location: Atlanta, GA

Game Time Weather: (Controlled environment)

Type Of Stadium: (Indoor Stadium)

Projected MVP: Tom Brady

Why The Patriots Will Win:  The Rams are a great team, and they really had something special going this season.  But has the young Rams been against the experienced Patriots?  As I have said in previous articles Tom Brady has a playoff mode, and nothing gets in the way of Tom Brady.  To bring up another good point, the Saints would have one if the refs called the pass interference on the Rams defense.  What I am trying to say is that the Rams got lucky and the Patriots didn’t get lucky, the Patriots won fair and square.  The Patriots won the game against the Chiefs, but not by a bad call like the Rams got lucky on.  The Rams have no chance!


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Tom Brady’s Untouchable Football Skills

Luck Of The Irish

Luck Of The Patriots

Wait The Patriots Don’t Need Luck They Have Brady

“Having Tom Brady On The Field Is Like Having your Offensive Coordinator On The Feild With You”


Here is my living proof of why Tom Brady is the G.O.A.T. of the NFL.  In the Chiefs Patriots game, the Chiefs were up by four with two minutes left in the game and the announcers said, “there is no way Tom Brady and the Patriots are going to get up the Feild in time”.  But guess what Tom Brady did, he went up the field with two minutes left and scored a touchdown.  Then it was Chiefs ball they had a few passes and a few rushes that set them up in field goal range, then it was all tied up.  The ref through the coin up, the Patriots called heads and what do you know it is heads.  So the Patriots receive, and after a few  great passing plays made by Tom Brady, a shocking one-handed catch by Chris Hogan, and a great couple of catches by Julian Edelman to move the Patriots up the field, and finally the pressure was on it was a first and goal.  Tom Brady hands it off to Rex Burkhead for the winning touchdown!


Patriots Vs. Chiefs  Winner-Patriots

Location: Kansas

Game Time Weather: 20 degrees

Type of Stadium: Outdoors

Projected MVP: Tom Brady

Why They Will Win:  The Chiefs have been outstanding this year, and it is amazing what Patrick Mahomes and Tyreek Hill have done this year.  I am excited what they will do in the future years.  But the Patriots have a whole other mode “Playoff Mode”.  When the Patriots are in the playoffs they are unstoppable, all of you have seen how much they have dominated the playoffs these last few years.  This is why Tom Brady got the nickname the G.O.A.T., he is a machine.  Once the Patriots are on a role there is no stopping them.  This are the simple reasons the patriots will win.




Saints Vs. Rams  Winner-Saints

Location: New Orleans

Game Time Weather: (Controlled Environment)

Type Of Stadium: Indoors

Projected MVP: Drew Brees

Why They Will Win:  The Saints will win because they are at home and they will have the full support of their fans.  They also have game changing players like Drew Brees, Alvin Kamara, and Michael Thomas.  Also the game before the Saints were down and they had a 30 second drive that led them to a victory.  This is why I think the Saints will beat the Rams today.

Who Is The Greatest Of All-time?

We all have these discussions with our friends/Family… who is the greatest sports star of all-time?  I am not going to just give you one I am going to give you my top nine candidates, and give you my opinion.  Number one Michael Jordan, number two Babe Ruth, number three Hank Aaron, number four Michael Phelps, number five Muhammad Ali, number six Pele, number seven Roger Federer, eight Lebron James, nine Wayne Gretzky.  These are my top choices for the greatest sports players of all-time.  They all have proven themselves worthy of earning this title of (Greatest player of all-time), by winning multiple championships and many awards, and last making unforgettable plays that the public will never forget.  This is why I think these players deserve this title.

If you would like choose a few players that you think deserve the title of the (Greatest Player Of All-Time) I have given you a list of great players below to choose from, after you are done selecting leave them in a comment below.  I will evaluate them and reply to you personally on what I think about your picks.


List of players

Michael Jordan

Babe Ruth

Lebron James


Hank Aaron

Muhammad Ali

Wilt Chamberlain

Diego Maradona

Serena Williams

Christiano Ronaldo

Rickey Henderson

Kareem Abdul Jabbar

Magic Johnson

Nolan Ryan

Tiger Woods

Kobe Bryant

Maurice Richard

Tom Brady

John Elway

Reggie White

Mike Tyson

Brett Favre

Barry Sanders

Michael Phelps

Deion Sanders

Joe Montana

Pete Rose

Roger Federer

Ty Cobb

Barry Bonds

Lawrence Taylor

Ted Williams

Jerry Rice

Jackie Robinson

Willie Mays

Jim Thorpe

Wayne Gretzky

Lionel Messi





Oklahoma City Thunder vs. Portland Trail Blazers

First of all I am sorry that this is a short article but I think if you are looking for a good game to turn on tonight, than this is the game for you.  This game will be a real nail biter.  But in the end the Thunder will win.  Because of these main reason.  Number one, the Thunder have better record in this hard division.  Number two the Thunder are in second place and the Trail Blazers are in fifth place.  The Thunder this season have proven that they will win this game.Screen Shot 2019-01-04 at 2.46.36 PM.png